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Page history last edited by Ellen K. 9 years, 10 months ago

Our presentation is centered around the forms of surveillance from 1984 and how it currently is or may be used in our current society.  For our presentation we focused on four specific aspects: The one party state, censorship, the Thought-Police and social surveillance.  To describe how social surveillance is implemented in present society, we will look into North Korea's "Five-Family System" to show how fear can be used to make the population police each other.  The "Five-Family System groups families together.  Each family is subject to punishment and often death if the one of the other families were to defect to another country or act out in other ways.  This liability leads the population to scrutinize and report each other's suspicious actions, creating a form of self-surveillance.


Social Surveillance (Electronic Surveillance) - Compare and contrast the world of 1984 to the current society in the aspect of Electronic surveillance. This topic will be presented in video to add some varieties to the presentation. In 1984, the electronic surveillance is telescreens of the Party whereas in today's society, there are many sources of electronic surveillance such as computer hacking, security camera, CCTV, etc. By presenting series of real world example, it is concluded that our world is very similar to that of 1984, proving that George Orwell's fear/prediction is very realistic.

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Ellen K. said

at 11:41 pm on Nov 21, 2010

Wait.. is your social surveillance? Isn't mine surveillance and your is Family spying or things like that?

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