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Annotated Bibliography for Snow Crash

Page history last edited by Christian Ruhl 9 years, 11 months ago


1. Hayles, N. Katherine.  The Posthuman Body: Inscription and Incorporation in Galatea 2.2 and Snow Crash. The Johns Hopkins University Press and the Society for Literature and Science. 1997.Web. 27 October, 2010.


This source relates the story of Snow Crash and the the story entitled Galatea 2.2.




2. Porush, David. Hacking the Brainstem: Postmodern Metaphysics and Stephenson's Snow Crash. The Johns Hopkins University Press and the Society for Literature and Science. All rights reserved. 1994. Web . 27 0ctober,2010

This article discusses a number of the relevant themse seen in the novel, most specifically the Metaverse and characters interactions with it.



3.  Jones E, Steven. Second Life,Video Games, and the Social Text. The Modern Language Association Of America.2009. Web. 27 October, 2010


This article discusses some of the way the novel Snow Crash can be related to outside sources (other examples of the ideas discussed in the novel).


4. Allbeck, Jan M., Norman I. Badler. Avatars a la Snow Crash. Center for Human Modeling and Simulation. University of Pennsylvania. Web. 26 Obtober 2010.  



This article discusses the ideas used in the novel behind the avatars characters use over the Metaverse as a way of looking into the characters mind.


5. Seneca, Tracy. The Power of Language in Snow Crash and Babel 117. Impact of New Information Technologies. University of New York. Spring 1994. Web. 27 October 2010.


This article discusses the idea of language as the main theme of the novel and also relates this story to Babel 117 as it is described in the source.



6.  Snow Crash. The Complete Review (1998 - 2008). Web. 26 October 2010.


This source is a good summary of the novel. 




7.  Taylor, T. L. The Social Design of Virtual Worlds: Constructing the User and Community through Code. Internet Research Annual Volume: One . Association of Internet Researchers Conference. 2000-2002. Scholarly Journal. 26 October 2010.


This acticle refers to the creation of the Metaverse and studies specfically the creation of the user profile (avatar) and the coding of the virtual world. (pages 261





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