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Fahrenheit 451 Summary

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Fahrenheit 451 Overview


Setting- The book is set in North America during the late 20th centaury. This is the author’s dystopian view of the future because the publication was in 1953.


Character List

  • Guy Montag-(Protagonist) A futuristic firefighter that burns books because of the government’s censorship of literature. Conflicted with ideas of curiosity and blind faith of the censorship of books. Married to Mildred and meets Clarisse McCleellan who has a significant impact on his view of the world.

  • Mildred Montag-Married to Guy Montag and a stereotypical citizen of this ‘world’ by avidly watching television with her hollow friends. She is suicidal but does not acknowledge her own dangerous tendencies. A strained marriage with Guy.

  • Captain Beatty- The fire chief and supervisor to Guy. At some point in the past he was an enthusiastic but due to the changes in society he conformed and is now a dedicated book burner. He is the face of antagonism which is the government.

  • Professor Faber- A mentor to Guy who shows a new view of society. In the past was an English professor and still reads books. He sees the what is happening the world and is too fearful to act.

  • Clarisse McClellan- A seventeen year old ‘free spirit’ and is opposite to society. She introduces Guy to a new form of thinking. Eventually is killed by a speeding car.

  • Granger-The leader of a group exiled living in the countryside that memorize and then burn books so that they can fulfill their love of reading. His group is waiting for society to change to that they can return.




    Guy Montag is a futuristic fireman, who burns books for a living. He then meets Clarisse, a 17 year old girl who goes against the norm and teaches Guy an alternate way of thinking. As the story continues Clarisse dies of a hit and run while crossing the highway. Mildred, his wife, attempts to commit suicide with a bottle of sleeping pills, but does not acknowledge it. All this causes Guy to question the norm of society, and starts secretly stealing books. Through a series of events involving Captain Beatty, Guy is permitted to read books and see if they are hollow. This leads him to ask assistance from Prof. Farber and create a plan to disgrace current firemen, and start reproducing books. Mildred betrays them both, and Guy is forced to burn his own house down. He also kills Captain Beatty and goes on the run. He floats down river where he meets Granger and company, who are a group of exiles trying to preserve literature. After jets bomb the city, Guy and the group of exiles search for survivors and create a new era.




    Censorship/ Government control- The government establishes a occupation devoted to burning books. This in itself censors any unwanted reading and stops the exchange of ideas.


    Animal Imagery- There is a constant presence from the opening lines of the book, comparing the first pages with birds. When Millie comitts suicide the tool used is a snake to save her. The mechanical hound is mentioned continuously personifies the government and exemplifies how man destroys nature.


    Technology- This entire society is completely high tech. Mildred is constantly losing herself in the TV screens. When she isn’t watching TV she is walking around with the little ear bud radios, blocking out the outside world. Also technology is used in a very destructive matter, such as the atomic bomb and speeding cars.



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