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Summary 2

Page history last edited by Christian Ruhl 9 years, 10 months ago

Group Summary:  The Science Fiction novel " Snow Crash" written by Neal Stephenson brought about exemplifying the relationships between the human civilization and technology. During the story the protagonist Hiro a typical  pizza guy who was working with his Uncle Enzo was is introduced to  the virus "Snow Crash". After being introduced to the virus a new character comes into to play Y.T both end up becoming business partners for the CIC and its where the climax of the story kicks off. For the protagonist begins to learn all about the viruses and how destructive it can be.The powers that was contained inside  the viruses was capable of infecting the brain of hackers from both in the Metaverse and as well in the real world by taking their languages and altering their minds. Understanding the power the viruses held ,Hiro knew his next task was is to destroy it and to do that he needed to break down the viruses and understand the roots in which it was created from and formed. 

               Looking back on the history of the viruses it was created due to the "Tower of Babel" that stood as a representation of languages. Aserah and Enki apart of the history of the data was seen as the creators and destroyers of the viruses. Aserah was posed as the  one who created the viruses and Enki was seen as the main person  to have held the antidote "Nam-shub". Ganing the proper knowledge about the viruses Hiro continued on with his quest encountering L.Bob Rife and enduring his plans, Hiro was able to enter in Metaverse and save a group of hackers as well as accomplish his task by blowing up the plane that contained the viruses.


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