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Major Characters 2

Page history last edited by Christian Ruhl 9 years, 11 months ago

Snow Crash

Main Points:

1.      Settings: begins and ends in LA (no longer US), the Metaverse,

2.     Protagonist: Hiro Protagonist

3.     Characters: Y.T, Juanita Marquiz, Raven, L. Bob Rife, Uncle Enzo

4.     Main events in the novel:

a.     The introduction of “the Deliverator” as Hiro works for Uncle Enzo delivering pizzas à meeting Y.T. for the first time (brings the entire story)

b.     Hiro introduced to the drug “Snow Crash” outside Black Sun

c.     Hiro and Y.T. become partners in the “intelligence business” for the CIC

d.     Hiro learns more about “Snow Crash” and realizes what the potential it has for destruction à virus that can infect the brain of the hackers both in the Metaverse and real life

e.     The deciphering of the “Snow Crash” à the figuring out of the Sumerian roots of the virus (introduction of Juanita – Hiro’s ex-girlfriend)

i.     The fight between the two deities (Aserah and Enki) – A would create the virus to destroy language and E would have the antidote entitled Nam-shub

ii.     The creation of the Tower of Babel -  the creation of acquired languages (represents in the novel the starting point from which the many languages of programming started from, the idea of the Temple as the database)

iii.     Hiro discover’s L. Bob Rife is excavating Eridu – has found enough information of the ancient language to use to exploit humanity, he also found the antidote

f.     The final confrontation between Hiro and Rife – hiro is able to deliver the nam shub to foil Rife’s plan and then Hiro enters the Metaverse to save a group of hacker elite from Raven

g.     Ultimately “Snow Crash” is destroyed by Fido – causes the plane holding the virus to blow up


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