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The lack of freedom as an idea

     None in the world of Airstrip One believe in freedom as a possibility in life.  Not only do they not believe in freedom, they do not understand freedom.  As The Party controls most actions and thoughts in everyday life the idea of freedom never even arises.  Even in Winston’s mind he shows a great deal of fatalism believing that no matter what he does he will eventually be caught, tortured and killed.


Use of extraneous items to draw hatred from the party

     The Party throughout the novel has a number of ways to keep the masses subdued.  From the beginning, the war with Eastasia and Euraisa, the never ending war is the cause of low food and necessities rations.  The Party brings captured enemy soldiers into the square to be mocked and allowing a release of hatred on the soldiers instead of The Party.  In this reality war truly is peace.  By keeping the masses tamed The Party is preventing widespread revolt and war.


Control of History / Freedom of the Press

     The Party controls all history in the novel.  “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past” by controlling the past The Party can create an ideal world for the lower classes.  No one ever has to question the actions of the party because they are never wrong. People are to believe what the Party tell them to believe. This and the control of all information is extremely important in keeping the masses in check.  By always having the correct rations or by telling the people that the rations are increasing while they really are decreasing is an easy way to manipulate them and keep them in check even in the direst times.


The creation of Newspeak

     With the creation of Newspeak the Party is putting the final nail in the coffin of rebellion.  By creating a way of speaking that cuts out most of our modern usages out of the language The Party prevents anyone from having a rebellious thought.  Without the ability to even speak what is felt the ruling class has obtained almost true control over the masses. 



     The main theme of the novel seems to be a warning against Totalitarianism.  Orwell was alive and able to witness the oppressive regimes of the Soviet Union and other communist countries.  His novel is about a perfect Totalitarian government with absolute power and it clearly conveys its point. 


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