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comparison with other books

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1984 -


omniscent figure of a leader, in 1984 it is a Big Brother, in Brave New world - Henry Ford(main figure of the World state), "Our Ford" is used in place of "Our Lord"

"Thank Ford."she said to herself (80) used instead of "Thank God"



Books- Orwell feared books would be banned

         - Huxley feared there would be no one who would like to read the books. Since their childhood people hated books and flowers. " In the hatchery, babies underwent a special process so they will always hate books and flowers. Whenever they shown the books and flowers to babies, they turned the alarm on and strucked them with a mild electric shock. (16)


society- Huxley feared we would become a socitety ignorant to everything around us, sinking in orgies.


Demolition Man,


a film starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock, is set in a not-too-distant future utopian society based on a Brave New World. Sandra Bullock's character is even named Lenina Huxley, referencing the author and character from the book. (1997)



We haven't read this yet but the suppression of indivuduality is a huge theme in this book. They get taken for surgery at 18 so that they can become "Pretty" and all the same basically. In the second book of the series they all are drugged without their knowledge. The drugs make it so they don't realize the corruption going on in the administration and so that they admin can control their memories. This has a lot to do with suppressing the creation of new ideas and change.


Logan's Run
Similar to this movie because everyone is always happy. They know nothing other than their society and no one is allowed to have ideas that go against society.



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